UDF – Convert Number into text (English and Arabic)

Convert Numbers into English text and the final version of the Excel function to convert numeric values to Arabic text, (as 500 to خمسمائة). It will also enables you to add the unit you want. this was really hard in Arabic language. UDF means User-Defined-Function, which means you need to enable macros Use the English […]

Tally chart in functions

Using a single function can make a graphical view to your number Function is REPT along with IF and INT to show that number in graphical view, formula used here is: =IF(B4<5,REPT(“|”,B4),REPT(REPT(“|”,5)&”-“,INT(B4/5))&REPT(“|”,B4-INT(B4/5)*5))

CamelCase to Camel Case

Here is a good practice for combining functions to get a full smartsheet It basically add a space before any capital letter in a text, helpful when you have strings without spaces and want to convert them. It is all in formulas. Put additional spaces before any upper case letter. made specially for custom request. […]