Blank (isempty) VS “” (null string)

If formula results in “”, then that cell will not be empty.When copy and paste as values, it will not be empty either.VersusWhen we use VBA (Macro command) Range.value = Range.value For that “” cell, it will make destination cell as empty. Sorting table will consider cells with “” as 0, while empty cells are […]

When Excel functions are not enough

BoldCodes BoldCodes is here to help ( or Bold.Codes), even though I doubt it, I mean the fact that you cannot do your task in Excel formulas. especially after you understand 25% of these formulas. But when you do, check out the library of VBA/Excel (aka macros, aka vbscripts) programming codes at or Bold.Codes

Excel Limits

Worksheet and workbook specifications and limits For more limits of VBA inside Excel, check out Feature Maximum limit Open workbooks Limited by available memory and system resources Worksheet size 1,048,576 rows by 16,384 columns Column width 255 characters Row height 409 points Page breaks 1,026 horizontal and vertical Total number of characters that a […]