Get column name (columnname as A,B,C, etc) as input inside cell

Excel already has the formula ROW() =Row() Which as we may already know will give us the number of the row we are in, if you add no parameters However, the COLUMN() is kind of tricky Because of the fact that cell addresses (or references) are based on the old style of R1C1 =Column()

Fx to cut long column into two columns

Convert one long column into two This set of formulas will get the items after row 45 (for example) from column A into the column B starting from B1 to have two 45-rows next to each other instead of one 90-rows column This was the answer for this question Yahoo! Answers question Show two […]

Extract Address into table

Convert US addresses from cells (one column with 1 line for Name, 1 line for address, one line for City, State and Zip code) into table Now, say you have multiple addresses in column B, structured as line per cell, like screenshot above Which is usually what you got from any list of addresses online, […]

Convert 2-column into wide (column-row) table

This Excel file will convert a table of two columns into a Column-Row table Using functions only and auto-updated once the Main table update In another word, analyze the table into wider form I needed this one few days ago and you will need this one too. The main formula that you need to use […]