Why I ran from =INDIRECT() function

I think if there is a single function that would be a huge threat to VBA and macros from user perspective, it would be INDIRECT()

Yes, it wasn’t long enough before I got introduced to OFFSET() back in 1998, and was using it a lot and in my classes, yet once I found INDIRECT, things changed

Along with ADDRESS, ROW and COLUMN and some text tricks like SEARCH, LEFT, LEN, RIGHT, etc, you can do a lot.

You see INDIRECT does a simple job

Converts a text that represent a reference, into reference


If you do


It gives you the value in G4

Notice that “G4” has the double-quotations, means


Will give you the value in cell G8 if total number of S1 to S4 is 8


This is powerful, and this is why I was able to do most of the tricks, like

iframe in Excel (XLiFrame), Rotate table using 1 formula, and Insert Blank rows into table using functions

Plus more


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