xlfxs Microsoft Excel always amazed me, it reminds me of how different small pieces can be joined in certain way to create a statement.

These small pieces can be cells, or I see them as functions here, but they also can be characters to become word, numbers to become code, or words to become story

And since the start, I always wanted and loved to find new functions or function-combinations (as I would like to call formulas) that will add to the logic to get the last solution to what we are facing.

This learning across the past 19 years of my life were the joy of my computer life, and were the main reason that I believed that……

We can do anything using any combination of these formulas, We just need to find the combination

So, bottom line and to make this page small and short

I learned that whatever the question is, or the challenge or the task.

Answer is there somewhere, we just need to find it


King of Excel