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Calculate hours between two cells

We needed that several times in the past Then I found it in an old file in my laptop, thought to share it for others to help So, when A1 has the start time, B1 has the end time Time different in one day will be from formula =IF(OR(A1=””,B1=””),””,ABS((HOUR(A1)+MINUTE(A1)/60)-(HOUR(B1)+MINUTE(B1)/60))&” hrs”)   I added to prevent • Read More »

Sum of divide – Array formula

This is the answer to an old question: Here is the story behind it: I had a client who calls me every now and then asking the same question: ” Can you please remind me of how I would use an array formula? you know, enter multiple conditions into one SUM function? ” Then I • Read More »

Standard math to calculate Aspect Ratio

Here is a simple formula that uses standard math functions (+ , – , / and *) to calculate the aspect ratio I often need some simple formula like this to get image dimensions Two formulas used here, one in C9: =F9*C3/F3 And another one in cell F7: =C6*F3/C3