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State Abbr with Index+Match+Validation

Small file that will show how to do INDEX + MATCH formulas to get the abbreviation of the state based on its name or the name of the state based on its abbreviation Main formula to do that is: =INDEX(Abbr_States,MATCH(B4,States,0),1)

Multiple Dual-Validations

It is to demonstrate how to do multiple validations in the same sheet, or as we want to call it Mutliple-dual-validations that depend on each other. Checking out sheet “Data”, you can tell that Validations on column B is for the heads (Main categories), and on column D is for the sub category of the • Read More »

Multiple-Validations (connected to each other)

Here is the free file for a special request by a client He wanted to have multiple cells having Data – Validation to same list but minus the selected one In English, once you select one from cell1, cell2 will bring the same list but without the selected one, then when you select another item • Read More »

Validation based on another Validation

Creating a Data Validation based on another Data Validation Meaning that when you select from a drop down from the first the second will be filled with the list that is corresponding to it. You need to create two names (Formula > Name Manager), one has this formula =OFFSET(Sheet1!$A$2,0,1,1,COUNTA(Sheet1!$2:$2)) The other one has this

Excel drop-downs that grow with you

This will help you do a dynamic name to use on a drop down, a Form Listbox or Form Combobox. The screenshot almost says it all. You need 4 steps: 1- Create the name for a column in your Excel file, go to Names > Define in Excel2003 or earlier, or go to Formulas > • Read More »