Repeated Offset

I needed to have an offset of columns to be repeated every 12 months. This is part of a project, we needed to calculate the coefficient of sales prediction based on the month number, we do have coefficient saved in another table that repeated every year (12 months).

0% interest promotion

The past few months, I established a formula to help me determine if certain credit card promotion makes sense or not. This helped me a lot in consolidating my debts (credit card as well others) into interest-free payments. Benefiting from banks and cards promotions. The key part is to determine how much monthly I will […]

Limited Ceiling

The function CEILING (CEILING.Math as of Excel 2016) is a very good powerful function. It allows you to round  number to any value up Unlike ROUND, ROUNDUP and ROUNDDOWN, that are limited to number of decimal places. CEILING can round to any number, decimal or not. Below is an example of rounding the number in […]

Fx to cut long column into two columns

Convert one long column into two This set of formulas will get the items after row 45 (for example) from column A into the column B starting from B1 to have two 45-rows next to each other instead of one 90-rows column This was the answer for this question Yahoo! Answers question Show two […]

Insert Blank rows into table using functions

Here you will see how to work with functions to insert a blank row every certain number of rows in a table using a blank sheet to copy all values of that table into the new sheet Then using Copy > Paste Special to make them constants The new thing is that this is all […]

Change Calculator – calculate change in multiple bills/coins

An Excel file that will determine what cash to return to the buyer (How much of each cash unit, or how many of Fifty dollars and how many of Twenty dollars and so on) in a very interesting way using as less functions as needed So, if you need to return 15.45, this file will […]