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Calculate hours between two cells

We needed that several times in the past Then I found it in an old file in my laptop, thought to share it for others to help So, when A1 has the start time, B1 has the end time Time different in one day will be from formula =IF(OR(A1=””,B1=””),””,ABS((HOUR(A1)+MINUTE(A1)/60)-(HOUR(B1)+MINUTE(B1)/60))&” hrs”)   I added to prevent • Read More »

Workdays – Across months

Get total number of days per month This was a question from one of my friends, This set of formulas will calculate how many days (Networkdays) in each of the months in the list for a given Start and End dates If Range of dates are across multiple years, user can copy columns C, D, • Read More »

Week number to Month number

Now we need to convert week number to month number This is exactly the same as week number to date (reverse weeknum) So, when the week number is in A5, then formula below will get you the month number

Week number to Sunday date – Weeknum reverse

This was a request from one of my work managers She wanted to convert a week number she got in a column into thier dates Excel already have the WEEKNUM that converts a date into its week number, but the reverse is what needed here So after my mouth was drooling while she was asking • Read More »