Cuts string of list of items

An old lesson to one of my early classes to show how can we cut a string having list of items into its parts. (At least 1st three parts) using formulas only.

If we put the character that is the separator of the string in cell D5. we can get 1st part using:

=LEFT( C8, SEARCH( D5, C8)-1)

2nd part will be with longer formula:

=MID( C8, SEARCH( D5, C8)+1, SEARCH( D5, C8, SEARCH( D5, C8)+1)-SEARCH( D5, C8)-1)

While the leftover of this string using:

=MID( C8, SEARCH( D5, C8, SEARCH( D5, C8)+1)+1,500)

My plan is to keep working on it to work on other parts.

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